About Us.

HOW. partners with architects and interior designers to create inspiring project spaces with beautiful functional furniture, that stands the test of time.

The story of HOW. first began with Ian Howard, who in 1946 formed Aristoc Industries and, later, Featherston Interiors, which became CoDesign.

HOW. was then established by Paul Howard and Faith Sun, who have over 50 years’ industry experience between them. We combine our love for quality design with a thorough knowledge of furniture. Well-known business principles are the basis for facing the challenges of today’s world.

HOW. has established itself as the benchmark for fitouts and furniture, in both the residential and commercial sectors.

HOW. is known for its high-quality, sustainable furniture. To guarantee quality, we manufacture in Australia, using ethically-sourced raw materials. We offer a range of Australian and international designs, as well as standard and custom-designed products.

Despite our vast experience and history of success, we’re a forward-thinking company that continually strives to improve.

In manufacture and product delivery, local community and indigenous labour are engaged. All relevant certification is current, including the ethical sourcing of solid wood and steel fabrications set by the FSC regulations.

In this way we ensure we only use certified factories, which are ISO compliant and do not employ slave labour or utilise banned chemicals in production. We comply with the AFA, AFRADI and Australian commercial furniture standards.

+ Delivery

All relevant certification is current, including the ethical sourcing of solid wood and steel fabrications set by the FSC regulations.

+ Environment

That includes using resources efficiently, reducing waste and preventing pollution. We have an official recycling policy that involves recycling as much as possible and repurposing our clients’ old furniture.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean protecting the environment. It also means protecting the community. So we’re very selective in our choice of suppliers and go to great lengths to maintain an ethical supply chain. We comply with all relevant legislation and maintain high standards on employment practices, workplace health and workplace safety—and expect our partners to do so too.

HOW. believes strongly in sustainability. We do everything possible to minimise our carbon footprint during production, distribution and installation, which includes using resources efficiently, reducing waste and preventing pollution.

HOW. prides itself on being a good corporate citizen. We support the Climate Reality Project and recycle as much of our waste as possible. We also support charities like the Red Cross and Movember. Actions matter.

HOW. will help you make your vision a reality. Our highly-trained design and project teams will take the time to understand your unique needs, so they can deliver you a bespoke solution. From there, our in-house national logistics and delivery teams have the experience to ensure you receive your order in full and on time.

+ People

Client relationships mean the world to us. That’s why we combine high-quality products with high-quality service. We’re friendly and proactive—we take the time to listen to your individual needs—and we provide clear, precise communications.

+ Design

Our vastly experienced industrial design team will create the products you need to support your vision. We can provide you with a complete set of solutions, for both residential and commercial, covering front of house, back office and collaboration spaces.

We work closely with Australian and international designers. We have a high-quality local manufacturing capacity, and also have strong relationships with international brands like Fantoni, Actiu, Sinetica, Kastel, Markant, Teknion, Pedrali and Humanscale.

HOW. works hand-in-hand with our designer partners, to help you impress your client.

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