332 St Kilda Road

Natural Social Workplace

332 St Kilda Road was greatly influenced by the Royal Botanical Garden which the building overlooks. The inclusion of vegetation and organic soft colours contributes to a relaxing work environment.

Lead Time

6 - 8 Weeks


1000 m2


HOT Black


Kinetic Constructions


Working closely with Hot Black, we carefully selected pieces that matched the soft natural look of the space whilst also ensuring the functionality and mobility that modern workspaces need today. Furthermore, to help complement the natural theme of the space, we designed and supplied all the plants for the entire fit-out.

Plus, the greenery isn’t only just for show. A study carried out by the New University of Technology Sydney found that over the course of three months, personnel who had plants installed in their workplaces reported a 30-60% drop in stress levels.


○ As the project was a spec suite, the furnishings had to be suitable for a wide range of businesses.

○ Due to the short timeline, ensure that the furniture was delivered on time.

○ Create a warm organic space with natural vegetation to complement the nearby Royal Botanical Gardens.


● We concentrated on furniture that was both practical and functional. This, paired with collaborative furniture, ensured that the area could accommodate many types of businesses.

● The furniture was delivered within 6-8 weeks, meeting the project deadline.

● To keep the natural atmosphere of the area, soft colours, rounded furnishings, and plants were used.

L8/88 Langridge St