Eagle House

Stunning Vibrant Office Space

This gorgeous Eagle House office stands out with bold blue accents and open collaborative areas. A great example of how a simple floorplan can be transformed with the right furniture solutions.

Lead Time

6 - 8 Weeks


1000 m2


IA Design




The goal of this initiative was to provide a lively workplace that promoted fruitful teamwork. Working together with IA Design, we chose furnishings that supported both open and private workspaces.

The pop of blue throughout the project inspired the choice of collaborative furniture with customisable upholstery and solid timber joinery to contrast.


○ Collaborate closely with the designer to give the best furniture options to meet the client’s needs.

○ Provide all furniture alternatives for 7 floors, with varied floor-plan layouts.

○ Provide recommendations on furniture solutions that complement the lively aesthetic of the project.


● Various collaborative furniture alternatives were provided to foster teamwork and connection.

● The project was completed in 6-8 weeks for each floor, allowing the client to move in and resume operations as soon as possible.

● We showed a wide range of furniture solutions with adjustable upholstery and frames to complement the vibrant design, thanks to our industry and design knowledge.