Robert Walters

A Modernised Neo-Gothic Masterpiece

Through Robert Walters' new offices, IA Design has warmed up the Queen & Collins precinct and, with the help of Howgroup’s dynamic workstations, modernised it, all while keeping its traditional Neo-Gothic theme intact.

Lead Time

6 - 8 Weeks


1500 m2


IA Design




For this project, IA Design established a strong emphasis on building a warm and welcoming natural environment that encouraged healthy well-being and social connection among teams. Driven by our human-centred approach, Howgroup provided a range of furniture and workstation solutions that helped Robert Walters achieve their ultimate goal of creating an engaging and dynamic work environment.

IA Design worked closely with Howgroup, with some key featured pieces included were the Adapt Electric Sit-To-Stand Workstations, Bayou Lounges, Tangerine Chairs, and Alaska Storage Units, creating a kinetic workspace that encourages healthy outcomes and a sense of tranquillity through natural greenery and organic forms.


○ Focus on using local suppliers only.

○ Maintain the organic, natural feel of the original Neo-Gothic building.

○ Align the furniture choices with Robert Walter's sustainability goals.


● Worked closely with Australian suppliers and workshops to deliver high-quality, bespoke furniture.

● Carefully selected furniture that supported and elevated the original design theme.

● Provided various furniture options made from recycled and natural materials.

Central House